Originally born in Hawaii, Eli moved to Ohio as a child where he has called this area home since. Eli had the opportunity to join this amazing culture by learning to tattoo just outside of Delaware in Ashley, Ohio. A home grown local made good.

He has been tattooing for just under a decade and a half and spent the past few years nurturing his craft in the city of Columbus. Working in the city helped expose Eli to many great tattooers, tattoo shops, and allowed him the opportunity to travel, get tattooed, and discover his own style. A style of crisp, clean, easily read tattoos made with a great senses of humor and a big heart.

Eli is a truly genuine representation of what a tattooer should be. A kind, creative, funny, artistic character who understands the power of a good tattoo! Now, Eli has brought his amazing talent and good nature back to Delaware Co. with his interpretation of what a professional tattoo shop should be with Rose & Web Tattoo.

Eli built a beautiful home for tattooing, overflowing with culture and an insane amount of talent within small town Delaware. The walls almost cannot contain the love for tattooing and for every client. Eli's client retention is unbelievable. Once you've been tattooed and experienced the magic Eli creates you'll be a friend of his as well as a lifelong client.

He enjoys tattooing in a wide variety of styles and designs, but has a passion for Japanese and Traditional American tattooing. Please visit Eli today to experience a great time and an even better tattoo. For info or booking please contact Eli on instagram, facebook or email to schedule your tattoo appointment!

Jarrett Ward

Jarrett is "one of the hardest working tattooers" as stated by Eli himself. Jarrett originates from the Cleveland, Oh. area where he entered the craft of tattooing 13+ years ago, although he started hanging out at shops throughout northern Oh. just out of high school. He has spent the entirety of his adulthood engulfed in tattooing, soaking in as much knowledge, wisdom and magic as possible.

Working nonstop since then to establish the skills for a long lasting career tattooing whatever is presented to him. Jarrett considers himself a walk-in style tattooer and prides himself on making clean tattoos his clients can enjoy for the rest of their lives. All the while introducing them to the magic of tattooing that saved his life years ago. Jarrett aims to share tattooing with the heartfelt belief that everyone deserves a good tattoo, whether to boost their self-esteem, give them protection from their demons, or just help make them look a little cooler!

Jarrett now gets to join his best friend, Eli, at the monumental Rose & Web Tattoo to help make Delaware more colorful and a lot more cool! Jarrett tattoos in many styles and prefers Traditional American and large scale Japanese tattooing along with being incredibly versed in covering up old unwanted tattoos.

 Please stop in Tuesday-Saturday  to chat with Jarrett. For booking please visit Jarrett directly at the shop to speak in person. For more info please check out his website and Instagram or contact him directly by email or text with any questions, concerns, or compliments.